CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. Want to know more?
Definitely not! CrossFit is infinitely scalable for all ages, fitness and ability levels. Do you have mobility issues? Concerns about a prior injury? Think you need to lose weight before you start? Don't worry, just come as you are and discuss your concerns with a coach and we'll get you started and ensure we scale the workout appropriately for you!
Yes! Our facility is climate controlled.
Yes! Our location on Dale Mabry (just south of Waters) is ideal for commuters to stop in while going to or from work. The mens' and womens' restrooms each have 4 showers available so you can refresh after your workout and get on with your day!
Here's a list of common CrossFit acronyms and abbreviations (Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.):
AMRAP: as many reps (sometimes rounds) as possible.
BP: bench press.
BS: back squat.
BW (or BWT): bodyweight.
CFT: CrossFit Total, consisting of max squat, press and deadlift.
CLN: clean.
C&J: clean and jerk.
C2: Concept II rowing machine.
DL: deadlift.
FS: front squat.
GHD: the device that allows for the proper performance of a glute-ham raise, or a GHD sit-up.
GPP: general physical preparedness, aka "fitness."
GTG: grease the groove, a protocol of doing many submaximal sets of an exercise throughout the day.
H2H: hand to hand; refers to Jeff Martone's kettlebell "juggling" techniques (or to combat).
HSPU: handstand push-up.
HSQ: hang squat (clean or snatch).
IF: intermittent fasting.
KB: kettlebell.
KTE: knees-to-elbows.
Met-con: metabolic-conditioning workout.
MP: military press.
MU: muscle-up.
OHS: overhead squat.
Pd: pood - a weight measurement used for KB's. 1 pood is approx 35 lbs.
PR: personal record
PP: push press.
PSN: power snatch.
PU: pull-ups, possibly push-ups depending on the context.
Rep: repetition.
Rx'd, as Rx'd: as prescribed or as written. A WOD done without any adjustments.
RM: repetition maximum. Your 1RM is your max lift for 1 rep. Your 10 RM is the most you can lift 10 times.
SDHP: sumo deadlift high pull.
Set: a number of repetitions.
SPP: specific physical preparednesss, aka "skill training."
SN: snatch.
SQ: squat.
TGU: Turkish get-up.
TTB or T2B: toes-to-bar.
WO, sometimes W/O: workout.
WOD: workout of the day.
YBF: you'll be fine.
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