About Infinite Loop CrossFit

Our Mission:

To provide members with the tools and knowledge that will not only instill strength and flexibility, it will also provide an understanding of how the body works. We believe no two members possess the same strengths or weaknesses. It is our goal to ensure every member receives programming that balances their strengths, efficiencies and goals.

The programming for our CrossFit group classes provides well-rounded General Physical Preparedness (GPP in CrossFit lingo) for our members. Personal training, On-Ramp, and Customized Auxiliary programming are also available through our coaches.

Community Culture

1.Check your ego at the door.
2.Be on time.
3.Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.
4.Do it right.
5.First technique, then consistency, lastly intensity. Always in that order.
6.Let the coaches coach.
7. Trust the process! We ask that our members generally stick to our GPP, and consult with a Coach if you are interested in additional auxiliary work outside of class.
8.Listen to your body. Some discomfort is okay but pain is not.
9.Encourage each other until the last athlete is done.
10.Take pride in your environment.
11.Don’t drop empty or light loaded barbells.
12.Clean up after yourself and wipe down your equipment.
13.Most importantly, always have fun and enjoy your hard work.