We are a CrossFit gym owned by true lovers of CrossFit! We are passionate about helping others stay healthy and safe while having fun and getting fit. Our facility is climate controlled and we have full locker rooms with showers for our members' use. Click here to schedule a No Sweat Intro. We also offer a Foundations class for those new to CrossFit.

Meet Our Team

Brea Coquyt

Brea started after a good friend, who also happened to be her basketball coach from high school, suggested it for about five years and she finally gave in! Before CrossFit, she played basketball for around 10 years and coached for a while, ran half marathons, and had interest in figure competitions. She liked all of it, but something was always missing. Then she found CrossFit, and the constant challenge and variance has always pushed her and she has never, for a moment, been bored. Brea loves coaching because she truly believes fitness and competition can change who you are for the better and teach you resilience and discipline, which a lot of people are lacking. She's also worked in the medical field and seen hundreds of patients who would be in a way better position right now, had they invested more in nutrition and athletics. Everyday, she goes in to coach, hoping that her excitement and passion for fitness can rub off on one of her athletes and they can change their lives!

Hobbies include: tattoos, Jesus, pitbulls, Netflix, riding her bike and being a pizza connoisseur

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics

Brandon Coquyt

CrossFit Level 1

Jennifer Mason

Jennifer is the co-owner of Infinite Loop CrossFit. She has a background in martial arts (Black Belt in Tang Soo Do), and was always active through high school and college. She danced on her college dance team at Stetson University and has enjoyed a love of snow skiing since she was a child. After having 3 kids, Jennifer started doing CrossFit in 2012 as a way to try to get her fitness routine back on track. She found a passion for CrossFit and the community within that has kept her engaged and motivated like no other fitness regimen previously. Even while working full time, Jennifer has found that CrossFit fits into her busy life and she's learned to balance family, fitness and fun.

CrossFit Level 1

John Mason

John is the co-owner of Infinite Loop and has been involved in CrossFit since 2011. He is passionate about Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastics. He’s always been an athlete, and after 25 years in healthcare, his passions for helping people and fitness combined into a CrossFit coaching career. “It’s that desire to continue to help people become better versions of themselves,” he says.

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CrossFit L2
CrossFit Gymnastics
Sport-Specific Application
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

Nicholas Haywood

Nick has been a fitness trainer for many years, both in group fitness and personal training. He has background in Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting and has been a high school and college track & field athlete. He is a specialist in sport performance,  He found CrossFit to be the perfect  tool that could be used to train the general public and athletes alike so it was an automatic transition to go down that path.
Certifications include:
CrossFit Level 1
USAW Level 1